Friday, 29 May 2015

Bushy Park

Bushy Park is a Royal park along with Richmond, St James, Hyde Park, and Greenwich Park with a few others. As you come into the park you will see the Diana fountain, it is surrounded by water. 

Bushy is the home of parkrun with its famous parkrun tree. 
In the park you can see all sorts of wildlife from Egyptian Goose to Deer, mysterious fish (that I’m a bit scared of!!!) to parakeets. 

In the woodland gardens they have a full range of Rhododendrons that in full bloom look spectacular; as well they have lots of different types of trees even some that are hundreds of years old! When a tree falls down they turn it into urban seating (they get the tree lay it on its side and carve out seats). 
There is lots of grass land to run and play on and the children’s play area is second to none! Bushy Park is a very large park with different gardens water features and grass land. Near the main car park there is a little coffee shop so you can go for a cookie or a waffle. Bushy park is the perfect family day out!

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